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I have been working with Windows Server 2003 from couple of years now. Recently I faced an amazing situation. My server with Windows Server 2003 operating system did not let me to connect remotely (using mstsc command) and could not log in. Though server was not down but was hung up as one of its services nearly eaten up all of its Random Access Memory i.e (32 GB RAM) Could you believe it? I could not even restart the server as it was stationed beyond seven oceans.

Hence, I executed the following command in my local machine’s console:
sc \\machinename stop

Bingo! It stopped the required service in the remote machine without logging in the server and without providing the server credentials. I only needed to connect my VPN network to keep my local machine in the server’s domain.

SC is a command line program used for communicating with the Service Control Manager and services. Detailed information can be obtained by using the following command in the console:
sc help

Hope this sc command will be useful for you guys to handle different services of remote server. Catch you guys later. Till then be happy and keep blogging.

Adam Manandhar

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