Today, I will be sharing the common issue you will face in MS SQL database if you don’t know what version of server you are working on.

Have you ever encountered following error message

Backup Database With Compression is not supported on Standard Edition

when executing the following query

Backup Database <Database> To Disk ‘C:\Backup’ With Compression


If yes, then you will be using SQL 2008 Express, Workgroup, or Standard editions where Backup Compression is not supported. This feature is only supported in Enterprise edition. However, we can restore the compression database. The only solution I can figure out till date for backup compression in other editions except enterprise is to manually zip them.

Do let me know if there is other way? Hope this will help DB guys to stop pulling their hairs :). See you folks again and keep blogging!

Best Regards,
Adam Manandhar

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  1. Oh! its a damn good information. Thanks a lot for this.
    I had been stuck with the backup generation from script for a long time. It has become a unexpected life time achievement for me.

  2. Ranjan says:

    very good information. Hope u will be continuing this type of work. all the best.

  3. Pratik Chhetri says:

    Thanks adam bro…. this helps me to grow professionally and otherwise i will not be able join any big companies. Truly speaking, my C# and Sql server learning starts from this site. All the credit of my knowledge goes to adamm.com.np.

  4. Regan says:

    Great adam dai, Thanks a lot for this. i was having problem with this………….

  5. wha dami banayechas torpe :D

  6. Bikash BK says:

    Wow, I understands many thinks from this lessons. Thanks you to the admin.

    Thank you.

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